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All Good Things in 2018 Pack

Includes 1 exclusive jar sticker and 1 Hey Preslie Nutrition notepad. The pack is free, all you pay is shipping + handling. 

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HOW IT WORKS: Order the free All Good Things in 2018 Pack before January 1, 2018. Once you receive your pack in the mail, place the sticker on a jar/container of your choice. Every time something wonderful happens in 2018, no matter how small, write it down on the notepad and stick the piece of paper in the jar. This is also a great way to note the things you're thankful for, similar to a gratitude journal. At the end of 2018, you can empty the jar and review all the amazing things that happened during the year.

Don't have a jar to use? Grab one here.

Jar for All Good Things in 2018 Pack

Jar to pair with the complimentary All Good Things in 2018 Pack. 8oz glass jar and copper lid. Lid has slit in the top for putting your notes in. Price includes shipping!

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