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Your coach, podcast host, photographer and pineapple-loving friend.


Born and raised in Arizona, I’ve grown-up with a strong affection for the simplicity of nature’s beauty and zero tolerance for anything below 70 degrees. From my dad I get my cheerful countenance, athletic aspirations and inquisitiveness, and from my mom, work ethic, communication skills and drive to constantly improve both myself and the community around me.

As an active adolescent volleyball player turned competitive bodybuilder, I cultivated an interest in nutrition younger than most. After being diagnosed with an eating disorder and being plagued with chronic illness, coupled with learning more about exercise, wellness and physiology, I stumbled upon my true love of CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

These experiences gave me a opportunity to discover not only how food impacts performance and body composition, but overall quality of life. My time spent studying journalism and freelance writing lend itself to helping me easily convey concepts to those with no nutrition background. 

My values are rooted in practicing gratitude and integrity, to always be kind and continuously learning, and live both passionately and balanced. I absolutely love helping people realize their health potential and reap its’ benefits. I believe my history and education lend me the opportunity to do just that, and I am very thankful for this platform.