Hi there, it’s nice to meet you!

In short, I felt calling my mom every time I learned something fascinating about food, adventured to a new local restaurant or nailed a new healthy recipe wasn’t sufficient.

Let me explain.

I’m a college senior at Arizona State, majoring in Nutrition with a focus on Communication (meaning, how to help you understand it too. How cool is that!). I’m so passionate about helping people understand how to live life with balance, probably because I struggled with it for so long. I truly believe when you eat better you feel better, but happiness doesn’t live in extremes. If you’re insanely busy, a picky eater, have food allergies or haven’t meal prepped a day in your life…I can relate to all those things! I’m absolutely in love with exploring how food impacts quality of life (cooking it, sharing it, growing it, you name it!) and want to share all the wonderful things I’m learning. So here we go — my only hope is this record of my adventures, trials, errors and reflections will benefit you in some way. Cheers!