In between spoonfuls of ice cream…

Pretty urgently I had to get my wisdom teeth out last Friday. I have a thing where I like to think I’m tougher than average gal and can somehow defy typical recommendations, which has never worked in my favor. So when everyone told me I’d be doomed to at least three days of bed rest, no working out, and soft food like ice cream and pudding, I took it with a grain of salt. But it turns out they, and the surgeon, were right. Three days later, here I am on the couch with an icepack wrapped around my head.

The reason I felt like this experience was relevant to share is that I promised myself I’d be open and honest when I started this blog. I go through what feels like periods of eating well consistently, and being completely off and barely hanging on to the wagon as it drags me along. As with most people, when the New Year came along I said “enough is enough” to the cookies and carb-loading and buckled down. When I got into a good groove for a few days is when I got suddenly had to get my wisdom teeth pulled.

I’ve eaten nothing but plain whole-wheat pasta, sugar-free jello, chocolate pudding, strawberry ice cream and creamy soups for the last 3 days. I think I’ve tested both my sanity and sugar tolerance simultaneously.

After day one I had to take a step back and evaluate. I could sit here (literally) and freak out that my macros are so far off, that there’s no way I’m eating enough protein and I’m turning into a slug by not moving and eating nothing but crap. But how would that help me at all? I believe 100% that your body best heals under the healthiest possible conditions given the circumstances, so for me that would be embracing rest, a stress-free mindset and positivity. I couldn’t make my teeth heal faster or eat things that would hurt or delay the recovery process. I’m not an advocate of excuses, but this was the reality of the situation. So I ate the damn ice cream.

A really great friend of mine once said “Do it or don’t. Eat it and don’t feel bad about it or don’t eat it at all.” I just love that. Much easier said than done, I get that, but man life is far too short and precious to be obsessing over a meal.

There are 365 days in a year, and if I do well most of the time, three days is not going to be detrimental to all the work I’ve put in, good choices I’ve made and progress I’ve achieved.

So maybe this time I didn’t fall off the wagon, but was rather shoved. The cool thing about wagons though, is that you can get back on.

Side note: it’s taken numerous counseling sessions and incredibly supportive friends for me to be able to think this way. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey to a healthy relationship with food with you in the near future.