Lunchtime thoughts

I started a new job this week. It’s full blown corporate life: big building, lots of offices, important business, professional outfits, the whole 9-yards. I can expand on the position later, but I’d like you to note this is a dramatic change from my college barista gig I had for the last two years, and recently quit to start this job.

This afternoon I was sitting in the break area eating my Tupperware-packed lunch reflecting on what is now my third day of training; embracing a very different lifestyle. Not only is what I’m doing different, but my hours of work, when I’m able to workout, appearance expectations, my meal planning, and more – all have flipped upside-down as of two days ago.

My roommate texted me and asked how today is going (she’s incredibly supportive during this life transition for me – so grateful). I had nothing but positive, enthusiastic things to reply, and recognizing my reaction created such a happy feeling for me – or what I refer to as feeling like your cup is full. This leads me to the thoughts that inspired this post.

I’ve always defined filling up your cup as a combination of what makes your soul happy, what brings joy and contentment into your life, or what makes you feel proud.  Typically, I associate these with actions that are specific, for example: working at Dutch Brothers and going to my gym — CrossFit Magna.

With my time-crunched workouts this week and the acknowledgement of how this new job makes me feel, I have come to realize that whatever you do to fill up your cup, can, and perhaps should, be much more broad than your place of work or your specific gym. That’s a cool concept, right? That if you can widen the spectrum of things that fill up your cup, you will initiate that feeling of raw happiness more often.

Let me explain. Working at Dutch Brothers just poured into my cup every single day I was there. But it wasn’t actually working at that location doing those specific tasks that caused that feeling, it was being surrounded by people that loved and cared about me, and with whom the feeling was mutual. It was doing a job that I knew I was good at and could execute well. It was having the opportunity to talk to people, relate to them, and try to make their day better than before they spoke to me. It was understanding the business on such a level that I felt comfortable helping new employees and confident talking to those in leadership. Similarly, going to my CrossFit gym pours into my cup because I love embracing the ability to better myself, and to challenge myself physically and mentally. It’s because I appreciate genuine relationships, both the long ones and forming new. It’s because it plays to my goal-oriented personality and gives me a sense of accomplishment, and so much more. By taking a step back and identifying the more generic reasons for why these facets of my life fill up my cup, I can actually take those principles and apply them to other areas of my life.

I can find these qualities in my new job. I can cultivate an attitude that identifies ways this position makes me feel challenged, confident, and causes me to build genuine relationships, the way my previous job did. I can truly find them in many places, which is very reassuring because you never know where life might take you. I couldn’t have predicted I would be in the position I am now, working in administration for a company’s produce division. But while sitting here in the lunchroom on day three, based on what I’ve explained above, I am completely confident in saying that I already have and will continue to find ways that this career fills up my cup. I hope you do the same with the different areas of your life.