“The absence of disease is not health”

“Filling up your cup” can be interpreted as pouring energy into your passions and what makes you happy. And while mine are often related to health, I also really value the opportunity to be learning whenever possible and feel that my cup is more full when I’m investing time in self-improvement and personal growth.

One of my favorite recent habits is to eat breakfast over an intellectually stimulating video. When I have a few extra moments, I’ll go through websites like Tedtalks.com or Youtube.com and save a few that look interesting, and then start my morning with one of the 10-15 minute presentations.

This Saturday’s breakfast was accompanied by a Ted Talk led by psychologist Shawn Achor. I kid you not, I was cracking up in between bouts of “that’s a great point” thoughts. It was really an entertaining balance of provocative ideas and humor.

The title of this post is a quote that stuck out to me from this video. I completely agree, and would argue that many people believe they don’t need to improve their health because they aren’t diagnosed as sick. This general concept is just one of the many takeaways I got from Anchor’s speech, reaffirming the benefit of this newfound habit I’ve cultivated.

I believe getting thoughtful, creative gears going early in the day is good for productivity and confidence. And it turns out, happiness and productivity have a direct relationship according to this particular Ted Talk. Achor explores this concept, the background to happiness as it relates to success, and gives actionable suggestions to improve and optimize your well-being — both in and out of the workplace.

I hope you watch and enjoy the video as much as I did, and I encourage you to try embracing a little inspiration with your coffee in the morning.