Well hello, old friend

Boy, how I’ve missed writing and posting. Over the last few weeks of my intentional, though much needed, hiatus I found myself constantly coming up with ideas and phrases I wanted to write, leading to a copious amount of inspired, unorganized thoughts in the notes of my phone.

During my journalism training in high school, my adviser (still one of the best teachers I’ve ever had) gave us tons of advice that has stuck with me and been applicable in many areas of my life. One piece in particular was “journalists look around and ask ‘Why is that?’ at everything”. I find myself doing that everyday, everywhere I go, which leads to a ridiculous amount of ideas and not enough time to pursue them all. I believe being curious is good for the soul.

Over the last few weeks I had school finals, graduated from college, moved into a new house, took a mini-vacation to watch local CrossFit athletes compete at Regionals, started a new job, got sick, got better, and now I’m here – filled with excitement to spread all my newfound knowledge, passionate opinions, thoughtful suggestions, triumphs, lessons (not failures), and kitchen experiments with you. If you have specific content you’d like to see, I’m open to and really appreciate your comments. 

Talk soon!