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here’s what clients have to say about their experience with hey preslie nutrition

Oh shucks, they shouldn't have!

Preslie is extremely knowledgeable, always excited to share the latest information, and her positive, helpful attitude is contagious, which makes you want to do more, learn more, and make better food choices. She’s thrilled for you when you meet your goals. Her love of nutrition and maintaining a healthful lifestyle across every aspect of life are genuine and sincere. Especially for someone older like myself, her vitality and abundant spirit are exactly what was needed to help me stick to the program she’d outlined. I appreciate her dedication to the science of food and that she’s well-read, always learning, wanting to engage others and explore new ideas for the benefit of her clients. I value her ability to break down complicated topics into easily digestible bits of information that we can all use.
— Jody O.
“It works. Preslie is down to earth and motivating all at once. She cuts through the BS and makes sure you’re on your A game! Her motivational texts, understanding of straying from my goals and teaching me how to hold myself accountable when I get discouraged is just a few of the amazing reasons why I would recommend Preslie to a friend of a friend and their friend. I would recommend Preslie to anyone looking to change their nutritional goals!”
— Jenn J.
Preslie is very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and it’s impact on health and wellness. This, coupled with her passion for nutrition and helping people, allows her to work with all kinds of people no matter what their fitness and nutritional background is. Preslie takes the time to get to know you and give nutritional advice that fits your specific needs and goals and not some one-size-fits-all plan
— Nick G.
Preslie is so pleasant to work with. She doesn’t make you feel bad about having “bad” days or weeks for that. She is always optimistic and cheering you on to get back into it and start feeling better.
— Lilly T.
She is always about supporting her clients so they can reach their full potential and be successful. She is also realistic and fully understands how life and life events can sometimes negatively impact macro counting. The communication was warm but professional - I love me some Preslie!
— Brian S.
Preslie’s genuine passion was incredibly apparent from day one. Her compassion, and will to help others made the experience so rewarding.
— Christina F.
Frankly, Preslie is amazing. Always being available on Facebook at almost any hour of the day and the constant updates, reminders, and new info are truly motivating. Additionally, you practice what you preach! You are someone to look up to because you take those things seriously yourself. As a teacher, this is something I’m very picky about; you don’t simply dole out information, you live out everything you talk about.
— Ryan F.
Preslie is not only a nutritionist but she is someone who cares so much about you and your goals! She will do everything to make sure you make your goals and then she takes you further! I am currently following her plan and I get constant checkups and modifications as she feels needed! She is a hands on personal touch kind of coach, you can’t go wrong hiring her!
— Theresa C.
She is amazing and knows her stuff! I have tried several different types of nutrition plans, exercise programs and supplements in the past and have never received the results I did with Preslie’s nutrition counseling. In just 6 weeks, I was able to lose 7% body fat and have been told I “have gone through a total body transformation” from other members at the gym. Preslie was able to recommend the proper amount of macros to achieve the goals I desired. She is so knowledgeable and answered all my questions in a way that I could understand while still explaining the science behind it. I have always worried about calories in the past and Preslie helped me to see that counting calories is not what is important, but rather the types of foods you fuel your body with. With the recommendations I received from Preslie, I am able to easily maintain a healthy lifestyle that is not a diet but noticeably a better way of life. I would highly recommend Preslie and her vast knowledge of nutrition to anyone!
— Jessica H.
“I would recommend Preslie to a friend for nutrition services because she truly is one of a kind! She will take the time to sit down with you and explain exactly what macros are and how they are different than the traditional “dieting” as well as what foods are good carbs, fats and proteins. She is always willing to help with any of your questions. She listens to your concerns and is there to help you reach your goals. She is the most positive and supportive person I have ever met! You won’t regret working with this amazing gal!
— Tamara P.
Preslie loves learning and loves educating others on what she learns so take the time to meet with her and you will not be disappointed. Her passion and knowledge for what she does for her clients is unmatched!
— Chip T.
I like how she built up habits; something I didn’t think I needed at first but so grateful I was taught! She cared about how I was doing, not just with nutrition.
— Rich R.
Preslie is very knowledgeable and works hard to provide everyone with the services they need. She has great, user-friendly handouts and resources that help anyone from the person who has experience with macros already to the person who’s just starting on their nutrition journey.
— Adriana C.
Preslie has been an excellent Nutrition Coach. She has been extremely helpful and caring. I really appreciate the assistance she has giving for the nutrition. The nutrition has been helpful when training for CrossFit and getting ready for a Half Marathon. I really like the adjustments to the individual Macros when doing my training. I have seen significant changes in my weight and a decrease in the body fat and increase in muscle. Preslie has also been helpful for the meal prep for both staying home and when I have to travel as well. The best is yet to come when working with Preslie.
— Tyler M.
Preslie changed my nutritional life! As a vegetarian, I was healthy and drinking plenty of water, but I was only eating about 30g of protein a day (when you need much more, especially with the workouts I was enjoying), more carbs than my body needed, and just did not have a true balanced diet. I really ate healthy, don’t get me wrong, but Preslie broke down what my body needed scientifically for me (in a way that made sense)! She is so patient, supportive, optimistic, and truly well versed in the nutrition and fitness world. She differentiates for all of her clients, and holds you accountable. If you are looking to change your diet for the better, eat more foods that make you feel satisfied, and learn how to treat your temple well, I strongly suggest you chat with Preslie! I love how energized I feel, haven’t felt bloated since starting (man was I always bloated), plus, my workouts are fueled and better than ever! I feel and look amazing (on the inside and out)! Love your bodies guys, we only have one after all!
— Natasha D.
Preslie was great about providing everything I asked for and needed in my weight-loss program, and in my need educate myself to eat right for the rest of my life. I’ll definitely recommend her to others!
— Tyler D.
I learned so much about macronutrients, which I knew NOTHING about before working with Preslie. Preslie was great about providing everything I asked for and needed in my weight-loss program, and in my need educate myself to eat right for the rest of my life. I’ll definitely recommend her to others!
— Alex R.
Preslie was always so helpful and her spontaneous check-in texts were always so encouraging. You can tell she truly cares about her clients and wants to see them succeed.
— Billy R.
I never realized 1) How much food you can actually eat if it is nutrient dense and 2) how much fats and not the right stuff I was eating. I know I feel like I have more energy on night shift and Kayla has said the same. Thank you for talking with us and we look forward to continuing to live a healthier life!
— Travis S.
Preslie came to my gym and spoke to about 20 of us and it was phenomenal! The talk was about food and how it helps us perform better. The seminar was extremely informative and left myself and the gym members wanting more.
— Chris C.
She practices what she preaches and is extremely outgoing and understanding. Preslie cares about each of her clients and caters to their individual needs, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to nutrition. Preslie takes the time to get to know her clients and their individual goals. Preslie helped me lean out last year and has helped friends of mine as well.
— Alexa F.
My experience with Preslie has been amazing. I have, like many, tried every fab diet or quick result option. It wasn’t until I began working with Preslie that I understood and felt the healthy eating process working. Preslie is a constant encouragement, providing surprise messages and suggestions to staying positive and not giving up. She clearly is knowledgeable and passionate about sharing good nutrition with people and she succeeds in doing just that. Preslie has helped me understand the science of exercise and food in order to be healthy, energetic and confident. I have found a new respect for food and wish everyone knew the simplicity and joy that can come in the easy learning of healthy eating and lifestyle that Preslie provides. I am grateful for the continued support from Preslie and the amazing gift that she has been given to help others. With out a doubt, Preslie is gift!
— Paulla M.
Preslie accurately assesses my individual nutritional needs and challenges and provides clear and helpful recommendations that fit my lifestyle and abilities. I’m impressed with Preslie’s level of knowledge and helpful suggestions.
— Lauren M.