Nutrition Services

These options are one-time services, packed with personalized information and advice. For more accountability and ongoing support, please view coaching options.

Macro Prescription

If you've counted macros before, this option is for you!

  • Custom macronutrient prescription based on goals, health history, experience with macros, preferences, and more

  • Supplemental information on meal prepping, tracking food, pre + post-workout nutrition, and specific advice based on individual needs

*After purchasing this option, you will receive an email with instructions on completing the comprehensive intake form to collect additional individual information to build your plan.

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Custom Meal Plan

This innovative meal plan is unlike any you've seen before. You'll receive:

  • A custom meal plan complete with measurements and time suggestions 
  • Options of other foods to alternate between to maintain variety
  • A protocol created specifically for you based on preferences, lifestyle, current eating habits, workout schedule and goals
  • Free meal prepping guide

*Custom meal plans are currently unavailable. To hold your place and be notified when one can be created for you, please provide your contact information by clicking the button below:

Nutrition Seminar

Perfect for a workplace lunch break or after class at the gym, this engaging presentation is sure to inspire and educate the members of your community. Cultivating a healthy workplace is the cornerstone an employer can build upon to promote productivity, longevity, and happiness within the business. And, a gym that provides resources to its' members to improve their nutrition will see their athletes perform and recover better, boosting the competitive edge and retention rate. The presentation is customized to fit the audience, and seminar-specific handouts (both print and PDF format) and a post-seminar Q&A session are included. Price may vary for groups greater than 20 people to account for supplies.

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Preslie is not only a nutritionist but she is someone who cares so much about you and your goals!
— Theresa C.